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Nancy O'Dell Golden Globes 2011:
Nancy's chignon was created by celebrity hairstylist Bobby H. Grayson

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Nancy O'Dell



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USA TODAY: "... It seems only fair, then, that the artists acknowledged should be costumer David Murin and the Hair designer and Supervisor Bobby H. Grayson - particularly the latter, since much of the action takes place while the gals change their styles..."

NYTHEATRE.COM: "... And then there's the hair by Bobby H. Grayson. The Delta Burke's over sprayed, over dyed mounds to Marsha Mason and Francis Sternhagan's beautifully natural-looking grays, coiffure becomes an important character element for these haunts of the beauty parlor, and Grayson has done a great job distinguishing them, giving each the importance, simplicity, or functionality that the character would, without overstating it or making it too focal. The hair here provides a simple background to allow these six actresses to do what they are there to do, and what you are there to see and enjoy." "... In Steel Magnolias, hairdos change with the seasons. (Wig designer Bobby H. Grayson had his work laid out for him and comes up trumps.)

Downtown express: "... The hair design by Bobby H. Grayson is right on the money." "Bobby H. Grayson is credited with "Hair design and Supervision"; this is after all, a comedy in which hair plays a major role."



Bobby accepts Emmy Award